About Me

We all have personal stories about our fitness or lack thereof.  Many of us have struggled with weight gain, health issues, or even food addiction that contribute to our personal history.  In order to understand a client’s history, I only feel it’s right that they understand mine.

My first struggle with weight began in 9th grade when, during some teenage growth spurts, I found myself on the angry side of a wrestling coach as I struggled to stay within my 98 lb. weight class.  By the time I graduated high school in 1979 and joined the Navy, I weighed 138 lbs. 

Fast forward to November 2020, I'm 59 years old and reached my highest weigh of 230 lbs.  Mind you, I am still 5’8” tall so I did not gain the weight by growing taller.  My journey to 230 did not consist of 40 years of linear weight gain, but rather a series of yo-yo dieting strategies that resulted in significant weight gain after reaching my weight loss goals.

I am a binge eater in recovery.  I am always just one apple fritter away from 4.  Once I start, I will not stop until I am sick.

All this has been frustrating and hard on my body.  As you can see from my weight history since 1979 shown on the chart, I have struggled.

My struggle wasn’t simply a matter of how much I weighed, but how much I drank and ate.  For many years I drank and ate poorly resulting in gains.  Then I would get sober, join a weight loss program, get healthy, reach goal, and then blow it.  Time after time.

Now, I am sober nearly 18 years, nearing my goal weight for what I plan to be the final time, certified in personal training and nutrition coaching, and excited about my new journey.  And I stay away from fritters replacing junk food with a heavy duty trip to my basement gym.

I’ve seen it all.  Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, and a bunch of fad diets.  None of it worked for the long term.  Now I understand why and would like to share it with you.

I am married to my lovely wife Deanne and father to Mason, a 21-year-old Autistic man.  I work hard to ensure Mason stays healthy among numerous health issues and Deanne is a near-daily Yoga practitioner.  We enjoy our healthy lifestyle and work hard to maintain it.  We have a sailboat and love to sail on Lake Michigan and when it’s time to relax, we find a nice spot on a Lake Michigan or a Lake Superior beach and shut down the world.

Throughout my career as an operations leader, I found myself serving others and even now that I am retired (mostly), I find myself working within the Village of Butler, Wisconsin as a poll worker, the treasurer for the Butler Library Board, and sit on various boards and commissions.

During my recent weight loss journey during the COVID months, I sought to become a certified nutritionist and now working on my personal trainer program.  Life is about taking action and learning new things.  I would love for you to join me.